Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Very Dramatic Trip to the Dentist

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Our daughter, fortunately, has very nice, pretty straight, cavity-free teeth.  There was just one minor problem.  One of her upper canine teeth came down a little bit forward and did not completely push out the baby tooth below.  The result was that the canine did not move all the way into proper position, and the baby tooth never fell out and was sort of jammed between the permanent tooth and gum.  The dentist referred to this as being "locked" and apparently it's quite difficult for a kid to try to get a baby tooth out that is locked by themselves.  Therefore, the Daughter had to go to the dentist to have the baby tooth removed.

<insert incredible 13 year old drama here>

Sigh.  Armed with every threat imaginable, coupled with the bribe of many wonderful rewards, I took the Daughter to the dentist yesterday afternoon with the stern instructions that she was to be calm and brave and there is to be NO DRAMA.  You would think the way she was acting that no one in the history of mankind had ever had a tooth pulled, and lived.  Oy.

Anyway, I walked with her to the exam room, and at the dentist's suggestion, I left  and parked myself in the waiting room (YES!).

(Our dentist is super awesome, btw.  It's a bit of a trip for us to get there, but it's SO WORTH IT.  I'll even tell you who it is - it's Dr. Phil Williams, in Hyde Park, NY.)

So I sat there, straining my ears, flipping through magazines, Avon brochures, supermarket flyers, wolf camera coupons... I realized *I* was so nervous that I wasn't even seeing any of the words I was "reading", so I just decided to pray  instead.  While straining my ears for crying/drama/etc...

Finally the hygienist came out and said the tooth was out and my Daughter was so good through the whole thing!

(I was wondering if she had the right mom, but sure enough, she led me to the exam room where my daughter was, ha ha...)

As I'm walking with my daughter up to the counter to pay, I notice she looks very white, and I can feel that her back is sweaty.  Can you guess what happened next?

Down she goes!  Fainted right there in the waiting room.  Luckily I had my arm around her and could ease her gently to the floor.  She was barely out for but a few seconds, but we let her lay on the floor for a minute, then eased her into a chair and made her put her head between her legs.  Within 10 minutes she was feeling much better, and we were laughing about it by the time we were in the truck ready to go home.

(The last time this happened was after she got a shot at the doctor's, although that time she felt herself "going", so I had her kneel on the floor with her head down and we "saved it", but she still got the clammy sweats.  I'm pretty "fainty" myself, so I guess I know how to handle it.)

So the kid managed to create some drama at the dentist anyway, lol!

She admitted the tooth extraction didn't hurt at all (which Dr. Phil had even "pinky swore" with her that it wouldn't) and it wasn't pain that made her faint - more like the relief and release of the anxiety of the whole thing?  Anyway, hopefully she won't be so scared of any future dental work, and I'll know to leave her in the exam chair for a few minutes until she's sure she's ok, lol!

We stopped for a congratulatory meal at McDonald's on the way home.  :-D

Anybody have any funny dentist stories?

The end.

P.S.  I asked my daughter if it was ok to write about this on my blog and she was totally fine with it, so I don't want anyone thinking she's going to be embarrassed or upset I told this story.  And she knows she's a drama queen, lol!!

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