Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post

Angel enjoying a sunny spot.

The gym has been going good - I've consistently been going at least 3 times a week, and I am now able to go an hour on the elliptical *and* keep my heart rate in the target range for "cardio".  I think I've just about managed to work off my muffin top.  I still have a long way to go though, to get to my goal.

I am addicted to the show "Gold Rush" on Discovery.  Season 1 is on Netflix and I think I've watched the whole season twice, plus I watched it when it has aired on Discovery as well.  Christo Doyle the executive producer tweeted a question asking what we'd like to see for season three, and I said I'd like to see some in-between-the-seasons shows, since Season 3 won't be on until this fall.  He tweeted back, "Be careful what you wish for..." so at least it sounds like maybe we'll get a show or two (or three?) over the summer, to tide us over.  There is one more "behind the scenes/aftershow" this Friday night on Discovery.  I guess the last two were such ratings boons, they added this third one.

If our dog Tex was going to make a workout dvd, it would be called, "Texercise".

If I could eliminate any commercial on tv, it would be those excruciatingly annoying ones with the pig that goes "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"!  I don't even know what the company is that those commercials are for, but I feel like I want to shoot the tv like Elvis, every time one of them comes on.

Speaking of tv, one of our ancient tvs finally gave up the ghost and we got a flat screen tv.   Welcome to the 21st century, right?

My husband replaced a faulty zone valve on our furnace last week.  I got to be the assistant (it's times like that that I wish we had also had a son who would probably LOVE to be the assistant).  Usually being the assistant is not very much fun, however, we didn't have to cut any pipes with concrete blades at, but rather had to melt solder to take apart pieces of pipe, and I got to do the blow torching for that.  That was cool.

If you have an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, the app "Draw Something" is a lot of fun - kind of like the drawing/guessing part of the old board game Pictionary. Thankfully, it's not as prone to cheating like Words With Friends, although, a couple of times, a player has just written in words the thing I'm supposed to be guessing via a drawing.  WTH??

My favorite color is purple, although I tend to wear a lot of pink/hot pink.

I'm watching the show "Doomsday Bunkers" on Discovery for the first time right now.  The very first story from this episode is someone prepping in the event of the meltdown of our very own "local" nuclear power plant, Indian Point in Buchanon, NY.  Nice.

The end.

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