Monday, March 5, 2012

This is What I Made Today from Pinterest

In a recent post, I mentioned I was going to give Pinterest another go (the first time I checked it out, I felt it was very overwhelming).  I found a few people to follow, and I found a few things to "pin", including this recipe for Easy Smores Cookies.  I had to bake something for a kids' church meeting and I thought these would be a hit.  I made them today and these were fast and easy to make, and came out almost as pretty as the picture above, lol.

If you've never checked out before, it's kind of hard to explain, but it's kind of like your own virtual cork board that you can "pin" ideas to - craft ideas, recipes, photographs, fashion styles - all sorts of stuff - that others have already "pinned" to their "boards".  Or you can pin your own stuff you find on the internet outside of Pinterest.  It's kind of confusing, but there's a lot of cool ideas to check out.  (I'm figuring I'm going to end up pinning 3,000 crafts/recipes/home decorating ideas that I'll never actually do...  But I did make the cookies! :-)

I could use some other good "pinners" to follow, so if you're on and want to leave me a link to your profile or someone you recommend, that would be cool. If you want to follow me, and my whopping four pins so far, feel free, lol - my name is "Carole Hudsonvalley".

Have *you* had any great wins or fails from Pinterest?

The end.


  1. I think I'll be repinning that recipe! They look tasty. :)

    I'm Follow me if you'd like! :)

  2. I didn't understand Pinterest at first either. It took me a few visits and reading the FAQs before I got the hang of it. I usually go on there maybe once a week. I try not to get addicted to it because I tend to spend too much time on some sites. Time hoggers take me away from household chores and other things that need to get done. I try to now keep a balance of my time and prioritize.

    Here is my Pinterest page:


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