Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Thoughts Too Short for a Whole Blog Post

Look at those cat toes!! :-)

One of the Husband's tires blew on the way to work.  Luckily it blew with just a loud "PSSSSSSSSSSSS" and it happened at an easy spot for him to get off the highway and change it, rather than with an explosion, skidding, crashing and the like.  (THANKS, GOD!!!!)

My Dad is getting married this weekend!

When we were on top of Gore mountain the other day, they had a short "Interpretive Trail", which we walked.  It led us into some deeply forested areas which were beautiful.  There were a lot of balsam trees, and you could actually smell their scent just walking close to them - it was beautiful.  I've never smelled balsam trees like that in nature - only up close to them at like, Christmas Tree farms.  It was so lovely.  I could have sat on a little curved garden bench and just enjoyed nature's perfume for hours.  Sometimes you really have to seek out unspoiled nature, but when you come across it, the beauty of God's creation is breathtaking.

Our daughter is in 8th grade, but she is taking 9th grade Regents Math this year (Algebra), which I know I took in high school (in 9th grade, and yes I passed it).  I'm looking at her homework today, and one of the answers was, "-6 square roots of 6".  I'm like, "That is not even a number!"  She said that it is, and that it's in simplest radical form.  Thank God she knows what she's doing because to me it may as well be hieroglyphics.  Clearly that section of my memory banks has been erased completely.  Probably written over with episodes of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" or something, ha ha.

Have you ever watched the show "Chopped" on Food Network?  I LOVE that show, but I get so stressed out watching it.  I find at the commercial breaks that I've been practically holding my breath.  I am pretty good at guessing who gets "chopped".

We have still been continuing on our goal of finding at least one geocache every day for one year.  Currently we are on day #317 of consecutive finds.  Crazy, I know.

My allergies this year have been worse than they've ever been in my entire life.  Spring was horrendous.  It went down a notch during summer to just "horrible" and now I am back to horrendous.  I suspect it has something to do with the mild winter we had - the weeds, or grasses or trees or something must be growing like gangbusters and putting more allergens into the air than usual.  The Husband says once we have a good, killing frost I should be able to breathe again.  Is anyone else suffering terribly from allergies this year??

The end.

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