Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Top of Gore with No Snow

We had some free tickets to ride the gondola to the top of Gore Mountain (known for it's fantastic skiing in the winter) this weekend.  The views were amazing although it was reallllllllly cold and windy!

While we were riding up we noticed a small spider on the Husband's coat.  Just before we got out of the gondola, he flicked it off (into the gondola).  The daughter and I took note of the number of the "spider gondola" (#8) and we made sure we did not get  into #8 with the spider on the way back down, lol!

I was very happy to ride the gondola back down, rather than try to imagine skiing down the steep slopes in the winter!  I don't likes skiing.  I would much rather sit in the lodge all day with a good book!

The end.

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  1. We weren't too far from you-- we took a 4x4 tour of Whiteface Mtn, then drove up the Veteran's Highway to the peak! It must have been Adk day, lol!

    I'll have more about our trip on my travel blog. I have never skiied so I'm with ya on the book in the lodge thing!! I think you would LOVE the 4x4 tour, though. It was so cool!!!!!


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